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How Chyawanprash Nourishes the Body, Mind & Spirit

Chyawanprash is an ancient Ayurveda rasayana that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. The following points illustrate how.

The Power of Rasa

When you consume Chyawanprash and fully take in the six tastes as they appear on the tongue and develop in the body, you’ll leverage the power of rasa.

Rasa for the Body, Mind & Spirit

In Ayurveda, rasa has many meanings, but is often translated as taste (of which there are six: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent). Each rasa serves a purpose and corresponds to a certain area of the tongue, which corresponds to a specific organ. PIOR Living Chyawanprash contains all 6 rasas in one medicine, meaning it is able to stimulate all organs equally to ensure optimal digestion and general physiological health.

In addition, each rasa also corresponds to the five elements and three doshas. When you are experiencing an imbalance (e.g. Vata, Pitta or Kapha), Chyawanprash can serve as a therapeutic means to restore order to your constitution.

Beyond the physiological benefits of rasa, the experience of taste – or rather, the enjoyment of taste – is an essential component of Ayurveda to nourish the mind and spirit. When you fully appreciate the flavors of Chyawanprash and eat in a way that delights and inspires you, you are positively fueling your spirit.

Rasa for Grounding

In addition to translating to ‘taste,’ rasa also means ‘essence’. Taste and essence are connected as taste is a way of experiencing the essence of our being in that moment. Through taste, we can connect with our senses to become present. Consuming Chyawanprash encourages one to move awareness out of the mind and into the body.

Powerful Ingredients

Another way that Chyawanprash nourishes the body, mind and spirit is through its ingredients. PIOR Living Chyawanprash contains 35 organic and wild-crafted ingredients which have been carefully selected for their unique health benefits. From the antioxidant power in amalaki to the immuno-modulating abilities of guduchi and the adaptogenic strength of ashwagandha, Chyawanprash contains powerful substances to enhance the entire physiology (e.g. digestive, excretory, immune, reproductive, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular and cognitive system health) and lift the spirit.

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Reviewed by Dr. Jayant Lokhande, MD (Botanical Drugs), MBA (Biotechnology)