How is Ghruta an anti-aging functional food?

Ghruta is known to provide a huge number of health benefits. One of the benefits attributed to Ghruta is its ability to fight aging – a lofty claim!

In this article, I’m going to explain just how and why Ghruta can be considered a functional anti-aging food.

What Are Functional Anti-Aging Foods?

Functional food is food that can help to fulfill one or more specific functions, beyond what you would expect in regards to general nutrition.

One of the functions that people may seek from these foods is a reduction in aging.

Anti-aging foods are generally those which enhance your longevity in any number of ways.

  • Some foods that slow down the visible signs of aging in the skin, like wrinkles and liver spots, are considered anti-aging.
  • Some foods are considered anti-aging if they prevent the decline of cognitive health.
  • Some foods are said to fight aging simply because they can boost general health and vitality.

Ghruta can supply us with all of these benefits, and more.

How Ghruta Fights Aging

Improving the Look and Feel of the Skin

Perhaps the most obvious way that Ghruta helps to fight aging is by improving the skin. Ghruta can help the skin in several ways:

  • Ghruta hydrates all skin types, reducing the onset of wrinkles
  • Ghruta can help prevent or repair damage done by various skin conditions
  • Ghruta can help speed up wound healing

Ghruta Enhances Energy

Ghruta is known to boost the energy and vitality of a person. 

One of the ways that it does this is by enhancing the body’s agni. Our agni, our digestive fire, is responsible for absorbing all physical and ethheric forms of nutrition. When agni is strong, so are we.

Ghruta Improves Ojas

Equally important to agni, is ojas. Ojas equates to our vitality. People with a strong and healthy ojas are less prone to disease and physical decline and since Ghruta boosts ojas, it can help to extend life.

Ghruta Fights Cognitive Decline

One of the popular uses of Ghruta is for helping to boost or restore memory and cognitive function. Since these things tend to dwindle during old age, Ghruta can be said to fight aging in this regard.

Ghruta Increases Mobility

Many people find that, as they grow older, their range of motion begins to decrease.

Ghruta is believed to be effective for lubricating the joints, muscles, and ligaments in the body. By doing this, it can help to fight age-related loss of motion.

Ghruta Fights Oxidation

Oxidation is responsible for many of the issues that we commonly associate with aging: wrinkles, joint pain, diseases like cancer, and memory loss to name a few.

Ghruta harbors phenolic antioxidant compounds, which can reduce the onset of problems like these. This, in turn, will slow the aging process.


Ghruta is a functional food that can help fight aging through a number of different approaches. To further amplify Ghruta’s age-fighting abilities, consider mixing it with other medicinal herbs.


Written by Nigel Ford

Reviewed by Dr. Jayant Lokhande, MD (Botanical Drugs), MBA (Biotechnology)