Holy Basil – The Incomparable One

holy basil

Essential Facts about Holy Basil Leaf Names Botanical: Ocimum Sanctum Sanskrit & Hindi: Tulsi is derived from a Sanskrit word, which means “matchless one” English: Indian Basil, Holy Basil Other: The Incomparable One, Mother Medicine of Nature, and Liquid Yoga Energetics Rasa (taste): Pungent, bitter Guna (qualities): Light, dry, piercing Virya (action): Warming Vipaka (post-digestive … Read more Holy Basil – The Incomparable One

Bacopa – Brahmi, Cosmic Consciousness


Essential Facts about Bacopa Names Botanical: Bacopa monnieri Sanskrit & Hindi: Brahmi (named after Brahma, the deity which presides over the local universe) Other: Thyme leaved gratiola, Water hyssop, Indian pennywort, Herb of grace, Cosmic Consciousness Energetics Rasa (taste): Astringent, bitter and sweet Guna (qualities): Light Virya (action): Cooling Vipaka (post-digestive effects): Sweet Dosha (constitution): … Read more Bacopa – Brahmi, Cosmic Consciousness

Shatavari Root – She Who Possesses 100 Husbands


Essential Facts about Shatavari Root Names Botanical: Asparagus racemosus Sanskrit: Shatavari Hindi: Shatavari English:  Indian Asparagus, Hundred Roots , Asparagus roots Other: Due to the number of benefits it has for the reproductive system – particularly for females – it’s also known as “she who has 100 husbands” or “100 Spouses” as well as “Queen … Read more Shatavari Root – She Who Possesses 100 Husbands

Ashwagandha Root – Strength of 10 Horses


Essential Facts about Ashwagandha Root Names Botanical: Withania Somnifera Dunal Sanskrit: Ashwagandha (ashva meaning ‘horse’ and gandha meaning ‘smell’ because of its “horse-like” aroma) Hindi: Asgandh, Asgandha Other names: Winter Cherry, Indian Ginsing, Strength of 10 Horses Energetics Rasa (taste): Tikta (Bitter); Katu (Pungent); Madhura (Sweet) Guna (qualities): Laghu (Light); Snigdha (Unctuous) Virya (action): Ushna … Read more Ashwagandha Root – Strength of 10 Horses