Amalaki – The Gooseberry of the Gods


Essential Facts about Amalaki Names Botanical: Embellica officinalis or phyllantus emblica Sanskrit: Amalaki Hindi: Amla Other names: Dhrati (meaning ‘mother earth’) in Sanskrit and Hindi, Indian gooseberry in English Energetics Rasa (taste): Amla contains five of the six tastes (sweet, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent) Guna (qualities): Heavy Virya (action): Cooling Vipaka (post-digestive effects): Sweet … Read more Amalaki – The Gooseberry of the Gods

What is Ayurveda?

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Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old system of medicine, rooted in the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the oldest and most complete systems of medicine in existence. Ayurveda means the science and knowledge of life in Sanskrit. It is about wellness and aims to prevent disease and achieve long life. This long life, according to the … Read more What is Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic Breakfast Ideas

Ayurvedic breakfast ideas

Nutritional guidelines in the Western world generally recommend that people get the same nutrients on a daily basis. This doesn’t take into account the significant differences in body type (weight, size, age), metabolism, digestion, and lifestyle, and can actually be a detriment to a person’s overall health. Eastern forms of nutritional science, namely Ayurveda, provide … Read more Ayurvedic Breakfast Ideas

The Nervous System – A Modern Perspective, An Ancient Wisdom Approach

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Roughly 18% of the American population experiences anxiety. That’s 40 million people in the United States that have been reported suffering from an unhealthy nervous system, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. That’s significant, and perhaps spikes some kind of curiosity, at a minimum. My own curiosity with the nervous system began … Read more The Nervous System – A Modern Perspective, An Ancient Wisdom Approach

Ayurvedic Food Principles and Practices

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We all eat food, and we’re all aware of the importance of having a healthy diet. However, in Western society, we aren’t really given a serious education as to the medicinal values of the foods that we eat.  Enter Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine has been around for thousands of years. It’s a complex system that … Read more Ayurvedic Food Principles and Practices

An Introduction to Ayurvedic Wellness

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If you’re reading this, you’re likely interested in learning more about Ayurvedic wellness. That’s a great place to start. Embracing the benefits of Ayurvedic wellness will help you maintain your own overall wellness throughout life. The following points will help you better explain how. Although this list is not comprehensive, it covers some of the core … Read more An Introduction to Ayurvedic Wellness

Chyawanprash Ingredients


Chyawanprash is an immensely popular Ayurvedic jam that has been used for many thousands of years. It has been prescribed for a variety of things, ranging from boosting longevity to increasing sexual health. It was, and still is, one of the most popular medicines used in Ayurveda. One might wonder what ingredients are to be … Read more Chyawanprash Ingredients

The Best Remedy for Cough and Cold

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One key tenet of Ayurveda is that food is thought of as medicine. Thus, when you fall ill, it’s essential that you provide your body with the right nourishment to heal, recover, and ultimately restore balance. The Ayurvedic remedy, Chyawanprash, is particularly useful for this. Chyawanprash is an ancient supplement formulation prepared using 30 to … Read more The Best Remedy for Cough and Cold

How to Have the Perfect Morning, Every Morning

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Think about how you woke up this morning. Did you hit the snooze button? And then maybe hit snooze again? Did you open your eyes and start scrolling through your phone? Checking emails? Did you rush out of bed, shower quickly and have a piece of toast while checking your friend of a friend’s Instagram … Read more How to Have the Perfect Morning, Every Morning