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What to Eat for a Yogi Breakfast: Fuel Yourself with Vitality

How you start your day can set the tone for the experiences you have throughout it. This is especially important if you practice yoga. By beginning your day with a healthful yogi breakfast, you’ll infuse your mind, body, and spirit with vitality and strength, setting yourself up for a truly wonderful day ahead.

Not sure what to eat? The following information will help you better understand what type of breakfast you should have if you want something that aligns with your yoga lifestyle and practice.

What to Include in a Yogi Breakfast

Keep in mind you don’t have to include all the suggestions here with every breakfast meal. Although you should strive to include as many nutrients as possible, these are simply recommendations. You can and should feel free to pick and choose from your options.

That said, a healthy breakfast may include the following:


Okay, this may be one ingredient you actually should include with all breakfasts. That’s simply because staying properly hydrated offers a wide range of health benefits. If you’ve been asleep for the past few hours, your body needs water. Drinking a glass is key to starting your day off on the right foot (at least from a wellness perspective).

To reap even more benefits, drink your water warm with some lemon. Along with hydrating you, the lemon will aid in digestion, and may also help detox your body.


Yogis often try to avoid animal products in their meals. You don’t necessarily have to yourself, but if you also want to limit your consumption of animal products, fruit is a great ingredient for a nutritious breakfast. To pack a lot of nutrients into a single meal, you can make a smoothie containing bananas, kale and milk. Or, if you’d prefer to add a little more protein to your meal, consider a serving of oatmeal topped with your favorite seeds and berries.


One of Ayurveda’s best kept secrets to move your morning toward clarity, focus and energy is Chyawanprash. This herbal blend was created nearly 5,000 years ago by the respected sage, Chywan, to improve the quality of life and increase longevity. The Sanskrit root word “prash” means to consume intentionally. You can mix it with hot water or milk and take it first thing in the morning to focus your mind and calm your nervous system. This makes it perfect to use before or after meditation. The act of drinking it can be a meditation in itself.

Remember Your Dosha Type

It’s important to keep in mind that different foods are ideal for different dosha types. For instance, if you are a Pitta dosha type, you should make a point of avoiding salty and sour foods, while including more bitter ingredients (such as kale or collard greens) in your meals. If you’re not sure what your dosha type is, an Ayurveda expert may be able to provide insight.

Once you know your dosha type, it’s easier to plan a yogi breakfast that’s right for your needs. In the meantime, the information here should help you better understand what types of ingredients to prioritize. Add them to your ayurvedic breakfast for a meal that sets your body and soul up for the day before you.


Reviewed by Dr. Jayant Lokhande, MD (Botanical Drugs), MBA (Biotechnology)