Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Utah Energy Wise Communities’ goal is to lower energy expenses for low-income consumers, businesses, and communities. With the intention of serving as a role model for other cities, Ogden was chosen as the initial Utah Energy Wise Community. OED chose Ogden due to its support for aging and historic infrastructure, diverse incomes, and inexpensive and secure housing for locals.

Ogden is receiving money from Energy Wise Communities to help with the creation of an Ogden Energy Efficiency and Resiliency Plan. Best practices for efficiency as well as finance and assistance programs will be addressed. All of these will aid in carrying out the overall plan.

This program focuses on ways to help the city, its citizens, and companies adopt more energy-efficient technologies at a reasonable cost through existing and potential new programs. Utah Clean Energy is collaborating with Ogden City, the Utah Office of Energy Creation, Dominion Energy, and Rocky Mountain Power to strengthen their efforts in plan development. These collaborations are essential to the program’s success.

With the intention of serving as a role model for other cities, Ogden was chosen as the initial Utah Energy Wise Community. OED selected Ogden because of its dedication to providing citizens with safe and affordable housing, its commitment to income diversity, and its old and historic infrastructure.

After Ogden City paid Rocky Mountain Power the $37,000 required for membership in the Community Renewable Energy Program, citizens will soon have the choice to get electricity from renewable sources. The payment, which Ogden City Councilwoman Angela Choberka believes was made with council money, is going to be used for advising, legal fees, and upfront charges in order to finalize agreements with RMP as well as other communities participating in the program.

The Community Renewable Energy Act passed during the 2019 Utah legislative session, launched the program. According to Choberka, the program’s goal is to collaborate with other communities and agencies in order to share the expense of generating renewable energy.

The following locations are also of interest:  Alta, Castle Valley, Emigration Canyon, Francis, Kearns, Millcreek, Moab, Salt Lake Cit Summit County, Coalville, Cottonwood Heights, Oakley, Ogden, Park City, Grand County, Holladay, Salt Lake County, Springdale. On March 31, 2021, Ogden City and the other participating communities adopted a governance agreement outlining decision-making processes and cost-sharing arrangements. The agreement aims to give all parties a way to decide jointly on important program topics and implement the program in their local areas.

Before taking any cost-effective actions, the Low-income Committee would need permission from the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Utah. The Low-income Committee is charged with examining how to effectively offer renewable energy to individuals who may not afford to purchase it.

As per RMP spokesperson David Eskelsen, the utility company is presently collaborating with communities to decide the details of the program design. RMP will submit an application to the commission after it is finished. As more information becomes available, including program costs, Eskelsen noted that each participating city will be required to approve an ordinance to be part of the the final program.

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