Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

A global leader in energy technology, Octopus Energy Group was established in 2016 with the goal of utilizing technology to spark a green energy revolution that is both customer-focused and reasonably priced. It is a component of the BCorp-accredited Octopus Group. The Octopus Energy Group is a multinational company with activities in 13 nations.

With the help of Ebico, M&S Energy, Affect Energy, Octopus Energy, London Power, and Co-op Energy, the company’s domestic energy division already provides 3.1 million clients with more affordable, environmentally friendly power. Thousands of homes are receiving smart devices from Octopus Energy Services and Octopus Electric Vehicles, respectively, to help make clean transportation more affordable and convenient. With a collection of renewable energy assets worth £3.4 billion spread across the continent, Octopus Energy Generation is among Europe’s biggest investors in energy sources.

The launch of Octopus Energy U.S.’s new business line, Octopus Electric Vehicles (OEV), which will boost EV uptake and accessibility, was announced. OEV’s first offering is EV Concierge, which is the first integrated demand control EV leasing program made available by an energy retailer. With the help of EV Concierge, Octopus Energy is going to be able to easily incorporate smart charging plus billing into each customer’s existing energy plan in addition to assisting them with leasing the electric vehicle of their choosing.

Texas residents can register for the beta leasing initiative at octoev.us, including new and existing clients. The Octopus Concierge team will offer qualified clients white glove service, assisting soon-to-be Electric Vehicle drivers via the whole vehicle leasing procedure, comprising selection as well as delivery of a used or new EV of their choosing, deployment of an EV home charger, and instruction on quality standards for EV ownership.

There has never been more interest in electric automobiles. According to Chris George, who is the U.S. Octopus Electric Vehicles Director, Texas is the third-largest market for Electric Vehicles and a global energy leader, so we will be well-positioned to assist clients to achieve car and energy savings on one bill. ” It has never served a purpose to buy an EV and use smart charging to acquire the cheapest energy possible from the grid as the price of fossil fuels is still being affected by inflation. A more dependable, economical, and clean energy system will be created in our state by new EVs thanks to the efforts of EV Concierge.”

Intelligent Octopus, a key component of the EV Concierge service, enables clients to use power at times when it is more affordable and environmentally friendly while still contributing to the grid’s general stability. The Kraken platform, developed exclusively by Octopus Energy, powers Intelligent Octopus. It automates most of the energy value chain using cutting-edge data and machine learning. Customers can benefit from a new, discounted energy program which is 20% to 30% less expensive than the typical 12-month energy program in Texas right now if they lease an EV and utilize a smart thermostat from Intelligent Octopus. This summer, this lower rate plan will begin.

Originally introduced in the United Kingdom in 2018, OEV has expanded to give an all-in-one solution where Octopus rents the vehicles, installs home charge connections, offers specialized EV energy prices, and provides access to more than 250,000 public charge sites around Europe through the Electric Juice Network. It’s most well-known offering, EV Salary Sacrifice, has helped 1,500 UK employers convert their personnel to electric vehicles at steep savings of up to 30 percent.

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