Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Firms engaged in renewable energy work to safeguard the environment by producing or using clean, renewable energy themselves, or by supporting such businesses with equipment and services. Whether you are a fuel cell startup or a solar power company, committed underwriting specialists will help you tailor insurance solutions to your specific requirements, from the property as well as general liability, workers’ compensation, and vehicle, through installation, builders risk, and overseas travel and sales.

Clifford Blayney and Matthew Rowland have been added as senior underwriters to Markel International’s renewable energy unit, where they will specialize in offshore wind.

Markel International is a subsidiary of Markel Corporation, a New York Stock Exchange-listed holding corporation based in the United States (NYSE: MKL). Six divisions, as well as offices in the UK, Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific, make up Markel International’s network of insurance and reinsurance writers. Syndicate 3000, Markel Insurance SE, Markel International Insurance Company Limited, and Markel Resseguradora do Brasil S.A. are some of the entities that Markel International insures. In addition to offering professional and legal fees insurance coverage and tax and legal consulting services, it also operates a national markets company in the UK.

The two individuals will report to Tom Baker, Markel International’s head of renewable energy. Blayney and Rowland are going to be stationed in Markel’s London headquarters.

“Our international renewable energy team has experienced considerable growth over the previous 2 years, but these newest appointments, which mix specialist offshore wind skills with conventional oil and gas expertise, are a tremendous win for us,” added Baker.

“With Matt and Cliff’s varied experience and knowledge, we have everything we require to continue developing our presence and to be a leading insurer in the worldwide offshore wind sector,” he continued.

With a background in underwriting, broking, and most recently serving as the lead risk as well as an insurance specialist for a significant offshore wind developer, Rowland has offshore wind experience 15 years.

In the meantime, Blayney, who previously worked for Markel’s upstream energy division, has joined Rowland and will add more than a decade of upstream energy knowledge to his new position. Blayney began working at Markel International 8 years ago, and his most recent title was a senior underwriter for both midstream and upstream energy.

Since last year, Markel International company has been expanding its workforce dedicated to renewable energy.

underwriter, It appointed Yong Ruay Heah, Charlie Richardson, and Sarah McCarthy, to new positions as head of renewable energy assistant underwriter, and underwriting, back in November.

A few months later, the company partnered with AEGIS to offer increased reinsurance coverage for onshore renewable energy sources. Markel International stated that as part of the agreement, it would support AEGIS with up to $75 million in capacity for the renewable risks faced by its policyholders. AEGIS was also expected to be able to offer more than $400 million in capacity for renewable policies thanks to the reinsurance backing given by Markel.

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