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ESNE will welcome the 2022-2023 academic year, consolidating its leadership in specialized university training in design in Spain by number of degrees and students enrolled in them. Starting in September, the University School will teach, in total, seven degrees and four official university master’s degrees, a British Degree in Animation and a Higher Level Training Cycle.

In February of this year, the Madrid Assembly approved the creation of the University of Design, Innovation and Technology which, promoted by ESNE, will soon become the first University of the Community of Madrid specializing in design and technology.

The official university degrees that it will teach are: Design and Development of Video Games and Virtual Environments, Product Design, Multimedia and Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Management and Communication, Interior Design and Audiovisual Design and Illustration.

Likewise, it will offer the British Degree in Animation and a Higher Level Training Cycle in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments and will consolidate its postgraduate training offer by teaching a total of four official university master’s degrees: User Experience for the Design of Digital Products and Services , Interior Design, Graphic Design and Product Design.

Luis Calandre, Academic Director of ESNE, states that “ESNE’s goal is to train the next generations of professionals who will promote the country’s creative economy.” A sector that, adds Luis Calandre, “has great weight in the economy and great potential for growth and development.

We recently published a research book together with the Complutense University that highlighted the importance that the design industry has in the economy and it is that, only in the Community of Madrid, it currently encompasses 88,000 companies , which invoice 28,000 million euros a year and employ nearly 400,000 people.At ESNE we train professionals specialized in design and technology who respond to the demand of an economic sector with enormous future potential”.

Academic excellence, connection with the business world and internationality
ESNE’s academic model is based on three pillars: academic excellence, strong connection with the business world and international vision.

The training is eminently face-to-face, since the latest hardware and software technology is used either in the classroom or in the different laboratories of digital manufacturing, multimedia, textile technology, animation, artistic and digital drawing, etc.

In addition, the ESNE Campus continuously organizes activities that connect students with firms of all kinds, as well as fairs, contests, masterclasses, trips… These types of initiatives are, without a doubt, a training reinforcement, as well as an excellent opportunity networking for them.

At an international level, ESNE maintains collaboration agreements with nearly 70 internationally prestigious universities in 25 countries, which allow from participation in international collaborative workshops, to the stay of students in said universities.

Finally, the University School is a member of the main design associations in the world and a sponsor or collaborator of leading events in their respective sectors such as MBFWMadrid, Casa Decor, Madrid Design Festival, Madrid es Moda or Fun & Serious Game Festival, among others. .

All these alliances make the educational experience at ESNE highly satisfactory and enriching for its students.

The ESNE training offer
Official University Degree in Design and Development of Video Games and Virtual Environments

2020 marked the tenth anniversary of the creation at ESNE of the Official University Degree in Video Game Design and Development; a pioneering degree that by then became the first official university degree in Spain in the field of video games. Likewise, ESNE has been recognized as one of the 5 best universities to study video games by the Aadvark Swift institution.

ESNE, thanks to the Degree in Design and Development of Video Games and Virtual Environments, proposes a study plan conceived for the acquisition of a broad knowledge of all the essential subjects in this sector. A complete and multidisciplinary training that allows knowing all the fundamental processes that support the creation of a video game or virtual environment, from the formulation of the idea to the distribution and commercialization of the final product, going through all the stages of its design and development.

From the second year and, especially, in the third and fourth years, students will be able to choose their training itinerary through a series of optional subjects that will allow them to specialize in one of the three mentions offered by the degree: art, design or programming, complementing their training with key subjects in the technological field.

Official University Degree in Product Design
Approved in 2016, it is the first and only Official University Degree in Spain in this field; a degree that was born with the intention of responding to the challenges of the future as a result of new consumption habits and a context increasingly linked to the STEAM professions (acronym for the English terms Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

The training given in this Degree is structured around four main axes: the Creative Thinking area, the Social Context-oriented area, the Technical and Technological area and the Business Strategy area.

Among the most prominent spaces where training is developed is the Fab-Lab (Digital Manufacturing Laboratory associated with MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), as a catalyst for Product and Industrial design, agile methodologies and rapid prototyping.

Fifteen international awards won over these six years endorse the training of ESNE’s Product Design Degree students.

Official University Degree in Fashion Design
Aware of the potential and market demand, ESNE was the first academic institution where studying Fashion Design in Spain rose to the category of Official University Degree.

Students are trained by working on their vocation in all the areas that make up the Fashion sector: men’s/women’s/children’s collection design (pattern making and clothing), textile design, styling, photography or illustration. All this within a theoretical-practical context with a close relationship with the textile industry that fosters creative capacity and artistic sensitivity.

The talent of the students is the protagonist in the main catwalks, fairs and national and international competitions in the sector such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Feel the Yarn in Florence or Woolmark.

Official University Degree in Fashion Management and Communication
A recently created official degree that trains experts who understand the specificity of communication, empathize with audiences and clients, understand art, trends and beauty and know how to respond to the peculiarities of business management in the world of Fashion.

This Degree is structured in a Study Plan that allows professionals linked to the world of fashion to be trained, with a comprehensive vision that makes them understand the business and communication process, from creation to sale.

A total of four years in which students will strengthen the necessary skills to achieve professional success, as well as mastery of audiovisual and corporate communication; creation and implementation of campaigns, management of the value chain and communication of fashion on and offline, through a theoretical-practical context hand in hand with leading companies in the sector.

Official University Degree in Interior Design
ESNE’s Degree in Interior Design introduces students to a professional sector that has gained great importance in recent years and continues to grow.

Interested students may also enroll in the Spanish/English bilingual option, a pioneer in Interior Design training in Madrid, without forgetting the possibility of enrolling in the Spanish option.

During their training, the student learns to properly understand design languages ​​and connect them with brands and clients. In the same way, she learns to design, program and execute projects in all kinds of spaces: commercial and leisure premises, work premises, homes, sets, museum projects, stands or events…

The technical training – mastery of 3D modeling and rendering, scales and proportions, installation design and lighting – is complemented, in turn, with the execution of real projects carried out by the students in important events and forums such as CASA DECOR, where ESNE is the only participating university school with its own space.

Official University Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design
The Degree in Multimedia and Graphic Design is focused on responding to the current demand of the business market for excellently trained designers.

It is structured into eight major areas of knowledge to develop the following professional skills: Corporate Identity and Audiovisual Communication, Graphic Arts, Editorial Design, Advertising and Audiovisual Production, 2D and 3D Animation, Web Design and Apps, Packaging and Photography.

The methodology is based on learning through projects, including real briefings developed by companies. The talent of ESNE students is the protagonist in the main national and international competitions in the sector, such as the prestigious LAUS awards for Graphic Design and Audiovisual Communication, the Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication El Sol, the Young Ones awards in New York or the DImad Central Design Exhibition in Madrid.

Official University Degree in Audiovisual Design and Illustration
The first degree in Spain to train illustrators and audiovisual designers, with which ESNE became part of the most important universities and design schools in the world , in which illustration has been an official degree for years.

The objective of this degree is to train a new generation of self-sufficient designers capable of tackling complex communication campaigns in an integral manner, that is, professionals capable of working independently in any of the areas of audiovisual communication, graphics and advertising.

British Animation Degree
The British Degree in Animation immerses the student in one of the most modern and valued creative industries , within film, television and video games, with the greatest boom and growth worldwide. Its objective is to provide comprehensive training in animation studies, with the intention of allowing mastering the pre-production, production and post-production of any audiovisual format in animation (advertising, television, cinema…), as well as the design of characters, environments and FX. , thanks to the artistic specialization and the use of professional software in the industry.

The Official British Title HND (Higher National Diploma) in Creative Media Production is obtained by completing an itinerary that includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Animation subjects. Upon completion, the student will be able to choose between completing the fourth year in the United Kingdom, at the University of Wolverhampton, obtaining the Official British University Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Animation, or completing the fourth year at ESNE, obtaining in addition to the official British degree HND, ESNE’s private degree in Animation.

Higher education training cycle
The title of Higher Technician in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments lasts 2 years and is a Professional Training program in which the student will learn with professionals from the industry and will have at their disposal the most avant-garde technological means. The professional practices and the portfolio of real projects will allow you to become a versatile professional.

The offer in masters and postgraduate courses
The Official University Master’s Degree in User Experience for the Design of Digital Products and Services represents a pioneering response in Spain and has its origin in the avant-garde alliance between ESNE and Telefónica I+D. It is currently an excellent training program adjusted to the growing demand for employment in aspects hitherto neglected by higher education: Design focused on User Experience (UX).

In addition, ESNE also teaches the Official University Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, whose objective is to train professionals capable of performing transversally within the most relevant generic disciplines of graphic design; the Official University Master’s Degree in Interior Design, which specializes participants in the control and knowledge of space, scales, proportions, efficiency, lighting, textures, materials, color, and the effect that all these factors have on users and the Official University Master’s Degree in Product Design, a program that combines art, science, technology and business strategy to provide added value to the new products and services that are designed.

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