Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

A venture capital business based in Palo Alto, California called Stellar Ventures completed its first fund by the name; SV Andromeda Fund LP, for $23M. Stellar Ventures, a venture capital firm that supports the upcoming generation of space entrepreneurs, is run by Celeste Ford, the Managing Director. The team is going to invest in space technology startups which are in early-stage and mission-driven with the debut of their first fund, SV Andromeda Fund LP, utilizing their technical know-how as well as network in the aerospace industry.

Stellar Solutions, a Silicon Valley systems engineering company created by Ford in 1995, and Stellar Ventures intend to collaborate closely. Currently, more than 300 workers of Stellar Solutions work for government organizations and international and domestic aerospace firms.

At the end of the day, Ford claimed, “That’s truly our competitive advantage.¬† Deal flow, due diligence, and assistance with government introductions are three things that Stellar Solutions provide that no other fund does.”

For instance, after making an investment in Skyloom, Stellar Ventures presented the optical communications firm to the world’s largest aerospace company, Honeywell. The businesses are currently collaborating to create laser crosslink terminals for both military and commercial satellites. Stellar Ventures executives frequently discuss their plans with other space investors once they have decided to support a startup.

Few funds invest in space, according to Ford. “When we make a good investment, we let each other know and work to improve the bar together.” Ford applauds the recent decline in startup valuations for the space industry.

Ford stated, “When space was frothy, I was raising money for the fund. “Investing will be simpler now that it’s not. When pre-seed, as well as seed valuations, were so high, one of our issues was that signing a check for $500,000 or $1 million didn’t make a difference.”

Ford established Stellar Ventures beginning¬†this year with the help of investor and businessman Matt Patterson, the organization’s managing partner, and David Anderman, a former general counsel for SpaceX who serves as an operational partner.

Former Lucasfilm Ltd. chief operating officer and general counsel Anderman stated in a statement that “Stellar Ventures is devoted to discovering successful investments meant for its limited partners as well as fuelling the development of space-activated technology to achieve ambitious corporate, government, and environmental goals. Engineers creating the space entrepreneurs for the next generation may test their technologies in orbit for a portion of what they incur just a few years ago. As humanity advances into space, what was once the domain of science fiction has become reality.

Ford, a pioneering aerospace engineer, created Stellar Solutions in the year 1995 and served as its CEO until becoming its board chair in 2018. Stellar Solutions specializes in high-end systems engineering and serves customers in the intelligence, defense, civic, commercial, and international space industries. Among its more than 300 staff members are a group of Stellar Solutions Advisors, distinguished executives with a background in national security (e.g., generals, admirals, SES – Senior Executive Service, ambassadors), ex-astronauts, and scientific/engineering specialists working in the civil, international, defense, intelligence and commercial sectors.

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