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Digital Health is an umbrella term for all healthcare-related applications, technologies and delivery systems that result from the confluence of medicine, genomics and the technologies that comprise the digital space.

Digital Health makes use of interconnected technologies to embrace the entire spectrum of healthcare providers, consumers and researchers to ensure the delivery of cutting-edge care that’s comprehensive, collaborative, efficient, and individualized to the patient and family’s needs. The result is:

  • Improved care quality
  • Increased care access
  • A reduction in the cost to provide it.

This translates to better acute and chronic disease management by connected providers for engaged consumers who are increasingly empowered to participate in preventative health and the most up-to-date treatment options.  

Take a look at this primer video on digital health by Paul Sonnier.

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Digital Health is an encompassing field which includes sub-specialties such as:

To further expand on the definition of digital health on wikipedia, below you will see a clickable diagram representing the digital health landscape. 

The digital health landscape diagram is not to scale but gives a good idea on how these sub-specialties are converging and overlapping.  We’ve provided additional links for you that describe each sub-specialty in detail.

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The Digital Health Landscape

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