CARROT Fit is a hilarious talking weight tracker that will inspire, bribe, ridicule, threaten and insult you into losing weight.

CARROT fit is the meanest and the most judgmental weight loss coach you will ever meet in the app store.

The hilarious AI construct has but one goal: “to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race.”

This weird but funny health and wellness app, designed by Pennsylvania developer Brian Mueller, will use any and every means, including inspiring, threatening, bullying, bribing, ridiculing and insulting, to push ‘chubby humans’ into losing their extra pounds.

CARROT fit is a simple weight tracking app wherein the users manually submit their current weight and then ‘wait for the CARROT overlord to pass judgment.’

She will do the number-crunching and set weight loss goals.

When you lose weight, she will praise you and give you rewards such as:

  • Workout tips
  • Cat facts
  • Watching your friend eat a bag of potato chips.

But if you start flagging she will be upset. When she is upset, she will get mean. And when she is mean, she will make you cry by hurling insults (“Look at you, meatbag!”)

With a sinister voice and humorous animations of punishments when you fail to lose weight, the CARROT overlord will pass slightly offensive judgments.

The app has a simple and clean interface. There are many funny-looking chubby avatars to choose from to represent you. Each day users have to punch in their weight and will receive commentary on the basis of their progress. They can also set weight loss goals and reminders to weigh themselves at regular intervals.

The app projects the user’s weight loss journey on nice-looking graphs which can be shared with others. The future upgrades of the app apparently include features described as ‘Deathmarch 5k’ and the ‘6-minute workout’. An Android app is under development but the release date is not announced yet.

While this approach may not be for everyone, definitely not for ‘meatbags and fat lards’ without a wry sense of humour, the novelty is interesting.

If you can take those snarky remarks and enjoy the amusing animations, losing weight might ‘suck so much less’.

(Image source - Carrot fit)