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Interoperability in Digital Health: Barriers and Solutions for the Global Health Ecosystem

The touted benefits of Health IT that can be achieved through real and effective interoperability remain elusive. This is due to a number of factors, but the overall scenario of interoperability involves challenges, frustrations and delays—as clearly evidenced by the recently announced proposed change to the scheduled Meaningful Use (MU) requirements timeline.

We believe there is a better way, in which Health IT solutions that exist can be improved, and new initiatives that have been created can catalyze a path to interoperability effectiveness—all without creating unnecessary burdens on the patients and providers who so often get lost in the digital health shuffle.

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Digital Health – an overview for Physicians

An overview of the digital health landscape for doctors.

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Digital Health in the Middle East – New opportunities for Business

This whitepaper starts with an overview of the healthcare industry in the GCC, including an examination of market drivers and trends which are impacting healthcare growth. Next, three specific GCC markets are highlighted: the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to determine what unique opportunities exist in each sector.

Digital health trends in the GCC are then discussed, as well as the exciting opportunities for various sectors of the digital health industry. And finally, potential challenges for new businesses are listed, as well as an analysis of the data presented, and presentation of a new support structure for those entering the robust and emerging digital health market.

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Addressing the Triumvirate of Healthcare in the GCC  - Quality, Accessibility, and Cost: Five Digital Health Fields that Offer Solutions

Finding solutions to meet the needs of the Healthcare Triumvirate is a challenge for every society across the globe – and the GCC is no different.

However, the rapidly expanding world of digital health is proving that it’s up to the challenge, offering a growing array of solutions to fit a variety of situations. Join us to explore how 5 digital health fields offer great potential to make a big impact on the unique needs of the GCC region. 

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mHealth security Risks: what should GCC healthcare leaders consider

mHealth is booming. Proven to improve productivity, care quality, access, and customer satisfaction, mHealth also boosts an organization’s bottom line by adding efficiencies on multiple levels. 

But if it seems too good to be true, sometimes it is - which is where the security hazards of mobile device use by a myriad of parties may actually create more harm than good. It’s why no healthcare organization can afford to adopt mHealth at random without first assessing the risks involved and putting appropriate security measures in place.

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