Dubai will be the host of 2015's essential global digital health event.

Digital Health Live 2015 will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the region's largest purpose-built conference and event facility.

Why Dubai?

There is much yet to be done

Though the digital health landscape has rapidly evolved, the potential for real progress is much greater still—and the GCC market is the perfect place to achieve it.

The West has led innovation, but effective implementation has been hindered by an environment thick with legacy infrastructure, bureaucracy, regulatory restrictions and reimbursement limitations.

burj al arab

The GCC is unique

Countries in the Gulf region aren't hindered by the same factors. This alternate dynamic provides a unique and significant opportunity to leapfrog, lead and catalyse the digital health momentum here. With the recent massive growth in healthcare spend, and an expected sector worth $60bn by 2025—it's apparent that this region is committed to do what's needed to improve the quality of its healthcare systems.

UAE is the world's gateway

The spirit of cooperation here makes a difference. Dubai's track-record of successfully hosting world-class business events can be attributed to effective collaborations between the government, industry and local communities. At the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Dubai is the 'world's next door neighbour'—offering easy access to many of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies. One-third of the global population is within 4 hours flying-time and two-thirds are within 8 hours.

dubai world trade centre

Dubai has a radical vision

A leading interational centre for business, commerce, industry and tourism, Dubai's dynamic workforce and government have a radical vision for a smart future. This means that strategic infrastructure and transportation project investments continue to grow— ensuring a prosperous economic future.

To sign up for the event visit our Digital Health Live registration page or for further information please email us on [email protected].