Now is the time to pull all of the pieces together and Digital Health Live is the place to do it.

With such an intense and interactive nexus of connection for the great minds in digital health, we can empower innovation by fuelling the conversation to catalyse the industry.

nuviun wants you to be part of this critical event to explore the WHY, address the WHAT, and define the HOW. Help us to make history by changing the world.

We’re Making History at Digital Health Live

Digital Health Live brings the future into the present as we “think from tomorrow” with great minds of influence, innovation, and authority in the digital health industry.

Digital Health Live is a unique opportunity to step into a vibrant and creative space brimming with thought-leadership and innovation, embracing the most exciting and promising movement ever to impact global health.

We’re Answering the “Why?”

At Digital Health Live we begin with WHY. It’s the foundational question behind every great movement in history.

At nuviun, our WHY stems from a belief that we can change the world and we see digital health as the vehicle to do it.

That’s not hype. That’s vision.

And it’s what we’ll create at Digital Health Live, too—a vision for what’s possible when great minds come together around the convergence of technology and the multibillion-dollar healthcare, medicine, sports and fitness industries.

We’re Walking You into the Future

Digital Health Live provides an experiential walk into the future.

Our interactive Expo Zone provides the perfect venue for the world’s first interactive and immersive Digital Health experience—an integrated hands-on look at how digital health technologies are impacting health and the provision of healthcare around the world.

We’re Bringing the Key Players Together

We understand the need to make the right connections at the right time. At Digital Health Live, we’ll have all of the key players gathered under the same roof—decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs, providers, patient representatives and industry experts.

These important stakeholders can make things happen when they meet at the right time and the right place.

Digital Health Live is that place—the chance to connect and set the agenda for the way forward together with thought leaders from around the world that nuviun has built deep relationships with.

We’re Providing a First for the GCC

Although there have been a number of conferences in the region covering traditional healthcare and fragments of the digital health industry, Digital Health Live is the first in the region that embraces the entire landscape of the digital health movement

We’ll be bringing together all of the pieces of the puzzle to jointly create a vision of the future for digital health in the GCC and around the world.  

To sign up for the event visit our Digital Health Live registration page or for further information please email us on [email protected].